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Climate Change is Real (And We're Doing Something About It) Part 3

If you’ve been following along with parts 1 and 2 of our “Climate Change is Real (And We’re Doing Something About It)” series, you now know that there are some very simple actions we can take in the immediate future (or NOW) that don’t cost a sh*t ton of money. Oh and they have the potential to have big impacts too. After researching and learning that planting trees on a massive scale can reduce CO2 levels by up to 25%, the connection to our products was a no brainer. That’s why we have partnered with One Tree Planted to help give back to an amazing cause.

One Tree Planted is an organization out of Vermont that pledges to plant one tree for every dollar donated. They make it super easy for people to give back to the environment, fight climate change and help reforestation efforts. Their work can be seen across the globe with projects in the Amazon, United States, Canada, Africa, Asia, and Australia, among many other parts of the world. Since their start in 2014, they have planted 1,750,000 trees around the world and they are aiming to hit 4,000,000 by the end of 2019! As highlighted in Part 2 of our blog series, we talked about there being enough room in the world to get enough trees in the ground for a significant impact on our climate, we just gotta get out and do it!

Candidly, as the owner of Desk Plants, one of the things that drew me to support One Tree Planted was the fact that they are based in the USA, yet they have an international mission. It is one thing to improve our country with more foliage, we certainly need it, but we aren’t the only ones who call this planet home! There are many areas of the world that don’t have the resources to conduct such important projects, so it’s important that those communities aren’t forgotten.

As a business, we use far more resources than the average individual and thus have a much larger carbon footprint. It is a major part of our mission as a business to work on off setting our carbon footprint. While we are still growing, we can only do so much, but as the business continues to hit certain milestones, we will continue to seek ways to improve our sustainability efforts. Our goal is to one day completely offset our carbon footprint so that we are a carbon neutral organization, and with the help from you wonderful people, I believe we can get there!

Every time you buy a plant from Desk Plants you are directly supporting an amazing organization as we donate $1 from to One Tree Planted. That means that every time you buy a plant, a tree is planted in the world. When you improve your interior space, you help to improve our world in a very real way. So what are you waiting for, let’s fight climate change because we’re all on this rock called Earth together.
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