The Best Plants for Everyone on Your Holiday List

The Best Plants for Everyone on Your Holiday List

While 2020 might officially be coined “the year that never ends,” somehow we’ve already made it to the end of October. What is time these days?! 

According to the calendar, the holidays are almost here. While the holiday season will look very different this year for most of us, it isn’t cancelled. The challenges of 2020 shed light on the importance of giving gratitude for the most important relationships in our lives, our friends and family. There’s no need for the added stress that holiday shopping often brings. Make it simple this season by giving your loved ones a gift that keeps on giving: plants, of course! 

We’ve created a Holiday Gift Guide for the full spectrum of plant experience: from first time plant parents to card carrying indoor jungle enthusiasts. See which of your loved ones matches each description below to decide what plant to give!


Hardy, low maintenance plants... 

For your siblings & friends who can barely remember to feed themselves. 

ZZ Plant


We all have that friend or family member who seems deeply committed to their lack of routine. They show up when it truly matters, but don’t count on them to make it to game night on time or be your backup alarm clock! 

The best gift for them is a plant they’ll rarely need to remember to water: A ZZ Plant or Snake Plant. 

The ZZ plant is particularly hardy thanks to the rhizomes in their root systems, which store water and nutrients for long periods of time. They can go months without watering and will still thrive in the darkest of rooms. This is the plant that will outlast us all. 

Another super low-maintenance option is the Sansevieria, also known as the snake plant. Proven in the famous NASA study to be among the best plants for improving indoor air quality, snake plants release oxygen at night - making them the ideal bedroom plant! 

Snake Plants

A vibrant rare plant... 

For your parents & that friend who always gives the best advice or shares the best food. 

Philodendron Birkin

Do you have a friend who always goes the extra mile to care for others? You know, the friend who brings ALL the snacks on road trips and always hands off “extra” baked goods when you hang out. Or maybe you have a parent or family member who has given you incredible support over the years. Show them your appreciation with a rare, but easy to care for plant: the Philodendron Birkin. 

Native to the tropics of Brazil and Paraguay, the Philodendron Birkin is a pin-striped rare plant known for its unique leaf shape and color variation. Hues of pink or red can be found on new unfurling leaves. The best part: while they look precious, the Philodendron Birkin is actually an easy to care for rare plant! 

Plants that will happily thrive in low-light conditions and infrequent watering... 

For your co-workers or teammates. 

Pothos plant

A budding body of research is showing that plants are productivity and creativity enhancers, can improve our concentration and memory, and reduce daily stress and anxiety. Plants are essential to any work environment! Give your favorite co-workers or teammates a plant that will boost their moods while requiring very little in return: the Pothos. 

As a vining plant, the Pothos will tell you when it’s thirsty by drooping its leaves - no cause for concern, soon after watering it will perk right back up! These are some of the easiest plants to keep in office or workspace environments with minimal natural sunlight, and their lush foliage brings nature indoors to boost moods all week long.  

Pet friendly plants... 

For the animal lovers and pet parents.

Zebra Haworthia

Maybe you have a friend (or three) who recently adopted a furry sidekick? Puppies, kittens, and extra curious pets tend to eat things they shouldn’t, including house plants! It’s always a good idea to move indoor plants out of paw’s reach, and even better if you can look for pet-friendly species that are non-toxic to cats and dogs.

The Zebra Haworthia is a pet-friendly succulent that does well under low to medium light conditions, and only requires water every 3-4 weeks. Over time, you’ll notice new fronds developing near the base of the plant at the soil surface. These are called “pups” (another reason these are the plants for pet parents) and they can be carefully removed and planted into a new pot to expand the indoor jungle!

Sending joyful vibes to you and your loved ones for the start of this holiday season. 

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