Plants make the perfect gift to build business relationships

Why Plants are a Perfect Gift to Build Business Relationships

Gift giving is an important part of any strategy for building authentic and meaningful business relationships. Gifting programs can help establish important connections with clients, employees, prospects, and partners or maintain those you’ve already built. A small, relatively inexpensive gesture can go a long way in creating long-lasting affinity for your company. 

Reasons for giving gifts in the context of your business are plentiful. A thoughtful gift can make prospective clients and current customers feel valued and appreciated. They can contribute to overall employee happiness and work satisfaction; studies have found that 68% of employees even prefer a meaningful gift to a team Holiday party. 

Desk Plants Corporate Gifting Program

The 2019-2020 “Business Gift Satisfaction Survey” found that 57% of respondents think that “gifts can impact their opinion of a business partner both positively and negatively.” The survey found that the ideal amount to spend per gift is $50-150, with one’s most valuable clients and higher level executives skewing towards the higher end. Over 80% of C-suite executives believe that business gifts generate measurable ROI in addition to less tangible benefits, like building connection and humanizing a company. C-suite executives are especially impressed by “a gift that tells a story and facilitates a deeper personal connection, which 94% of top executives believe is important to business success.” When done correctly, gift giving is a cost-effective way to build relationships and for many companies becomes an essential part of their marketing strategy. 

Not all gifts are received the same; sadly, it’s not just the thought that counts. When given a gift that comes across as “generic promotional swag,” nearly a fourth of people report throwing it in the trash. So how do you choose which gift to give? 

What you give to others is a reflection of your company and its products and services. Quality, usefulness, intention and sustainability are some of the key elements of any desirable and impactful business gift. You don’t have to be extravagant, but you should avoid gifts that feel generic or obligatory. 

It’s time to move beyond the impersonal and often wasteful gift options of the past. Studies show that those who receive business gifts that appear thoughtless (such as gift cards and branded clothing) actually feel less connected to the giver upon receipt. Other noted desirable qualities for a business gift are those described as “value attributes,” such as products that are made in the U.S.A., sustainable gifts from small businesses, and gifts that give back to social causes. Corporate gift giving professional Laura Jennings predicts that business gifting decisions will be increasingly influenced by social movements, sustainability, and corporate responsibility. 

What gift matches all of these attributes? A lush and green, easy-to-care-for plant, of course. 

Plants are a universally loved gift

Plants are universal. If you read our last blog post you already know about the data-backed research that shows the many cognitive, physiological, and mental health benefits of having plants in the work space. The presence of plants improves concentration, productivity, and markers of strong mental health, while also enhancing our physiological condition including lowering cortisol and blood pressure levels. And who doesn’t love having vibrant greenery around them as they work? 

Desk Plants offers several corporate gifting options that meet your specific gifting needs. With laser engraving, we can stamp your logo or artwork into the pot surface to create a highly personalized plant experience. All recipients receive instructional plant care cards and full access to our customer support team. Even those without green thumbs are likely to keep their plants happy and thriving! 

Whether it’s for the holidays, job anniversaries, or to build a budding business relationship, choose the gift that truly keeps on giving with Desk Plants.

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