Hard to Kill

An indoor jungle. Can you see it? Lush greenery amongst your otherwise bland, white-walled workspace. Leaves hanging from the ceiling; vines twirling aimlessly. Social media taunts you with the overgrown and ornate aesthetic of plants filling beautiful spaces. Adding plants is a simple touch that can transform your home or office. There’s just one problem… you might be a plant killer. No, really, if you could get charged with serial plant murder, your countless crimes over the last few years may put you at first degree.

Here’s a thought…maybe it’s not you or your ‘brown thumb’. I mean, those Insta-famous fiddle leaf figs are picky #af, but most don't research before snatching one.

You need to dust the dirt off and give it another go because it’s not you, it's the plants. Your success is our success, hence we have curated a specific selection of hard-to-kill plants that come with simple plant care instructions to make everything easy! This means less light, water, and maintenance for you, and retirement of the plant-killer title for good.